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Cleaning Grease Filters with Cleaning Tanks

Grease Baffle filter 4595 Baffle

Commercial food service establishments know that cleaning grease filters is important for health, safety, and longevity of exhaust fans and air systems. Grease filters can rapidly become clogged with particles, grease and oils. Cleaning tanks make some of the work cleaning grease filters a little easier.

What are cleaning tanks? They resemble trash cans or square pails on wheels. Most are designed to fit into commercial kitchens easily by sliding under counters or preparation islands. You just wheel them out to slip grease filters into them.

Each cleaning tank is filled with water and cleaning solution. Commercial cleaning solutions for grease filters include special surfactants that break up carbonized grease and food particles. Some formulas are made to work at room temperature, so grease filters can be left to soak overnight in the cleaning solution.

With clean grease filters, you’ll keep the kitchen air healthier for everyone. You’ll also keep grease from entering into the duct work. Many commercial kitchen and restaurant fires start not near the cooking areas in the kitchen but up inside the ductwork. Grease, dust, cobwebs and food particles that get through grease filters coat the inside of ducts, creating a fire hazard. Clean grease filters decrease the chances of fires.

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