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Grease Filters Help with Fire Prevention

Commercial Filter 4606 high-pack-media

Did you know that clean, properly fitted grease filters can help prevent fires? Grease filters that aren’t up to the job for your restaurant or commercial kitchen fail to trap all the grease that’s in the air from cooking. Grease exits the system through gaps in the filter or through the filtration media on poor quality grease filters. It then builds up throughout the duct work as well as on the roof of your building, causing all sorts of problems.

More importantly, however, it can be a fire hazard. Grease build up on the roof of a commercial kitchen or restaurant can make it more prone to fires. Grease can also encase fire suppression systems such as drop down sprinklers. If there’s enough grease, they can even cause premature failure in sprinkler and other fire suppression systems.

Good grease filters can be removed for easy cleaning. They are up to the task of removing most of the grease particles from the air leaving your kitchen. They keep your kitchen and restaurant cleaner, help your employees feel more comfortable during working hours, and prevent fires. Good quality grease filters are a “must” for all commercial kitchens!

At Twin City Filter Service, we offer grease filters for all types of restaurants, kitchens, commercial food preparation buildings and more. No matter what you’ve got cooking we’ve got the filter to help keep the air quality high and grease build up low.

Twin City Filter Service was established in 1942. We serve the Twin Cities area and beyond, and offer next-day shipping for companies in the Twin Cities area. Call us at 612-721-2001 to order grease filters. We can get you the best quality quickly and efficiently so that you always have the filters you need.

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