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Where Are Cog Belts Used? Everywhere!


Just about anywhere you look, some kind of belt system is at work making life easier. Cog belts are special, precision belts. In fact, if you Google “define cog belt,” it will answer “a timing belt”. In some cases, health and safety depends upon it. For instance, cog belts may be used in

  • Automotive industry, as the timing belt in your car
  • Medical industry, to run centrifuges
  • Fitness industry, in treadmills, weight machines and Pilates machines
  • Commercial sewing machines
  • Inside copiers and printers
  • Etc.

Generally speaking, the purpose of a cog belt – more than a V-belt or other belts – is greater precision. Any industry that depends upon accurate indexing uses cog belts. This is why so many people think “timing belt” and cog belt are synonymous. They are also quieter than a chain or gear.

Reliable cog belts keep the world around us running smoothly, accurately and quietly.

At Twin City Filter Service, we offer the highest quality cog belts at a great price. We know that your job, your products, your health, and your safety may be on the line.

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