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V-Belts and Their Uses

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V belts have been used for decades in many industries. They transmit power efficiently, and can be manufactured in almost any length. V belts tend to run quietly and last longer than many other types of belts, too.

V belts are used in many industries including:

  • Agriculture: V belts power both vehicles as well as various types of agricultural equipment. They’re easy to change, which is a great convenience for farmers who may need to change a belt in the middle of their workday.
  • Automotive: V belts are used in the transmission of many makes and models of automobile. The width of the belt can vary according to the car. (A timing belt is usually a cogged belt. Modern engines tend to use a single Serpentine belt instead of multiple V-Belts.)
  • Industry: V belts are used in many industries to power equipment. Although V belts can slip and creep, their ability to transmit power efficiently combined with their relative quiet compared to other types of power transmission makes them ideal for factory use.

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