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The True Cost Savings of Commercial Filters

While it can seem like an unnecessary expense to replace or clean commercial filters at regular intervals, the true cost savings of your commercial filters outweighs the investment in new ones. How so? Consider the following:

  • Prevents damage: Commercial filters keep particles from entering delicate equipment. Which is less expensive; changing a commercial filter on schedule or paying to repair your system because particulate matter has damaged it? Filters, of course!
  • Improves energy efficiency: Clean filters improve energy efficiency. When filters are changed regularly, the airflow remains smooth and even throughout the system. There’s less wear and tear on the system, since it doesn’t have to work as hard pulling in air as it does when the filter is clogged. The equipment can also run at optimal efficiency. Clean filters can save you money on your energy use.
  • Keep people healthy: Filters remove many harmful particles from the air. Depending on the place where they’re used, they may filter dust, microbes, or fibers from the air. What if commercial filters stop doing their job, and these particles sneak through? People can get sick. And that’s lost time, wages and productivity. Keep your employees, customers and visitors healthy. Change your commercial filters regularly.

How do you know when to change filters? Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your system or consult a technician familiar with the unit.

The true cost savings of keeping commercial filters in good working order is hard to calculate. But when you think of all that could possibly go wrong if you don’t change your filters regularly, doesn’t it make sense to keep up a good maintenance schedule on your system?

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