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Tips for Changing Replacement Filters

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Homeowner? Pulling out your old filters and putting in replacement filters can be a dirty job, but no one else is going to do it! If changing your residential HVAC filters each month is your nightmare chore, because of the dirty, grime and general yuckiness factor, then these tips may come in handy.

Clean, properly-fitted replacement filters are essential for keeping your indoor air quality good and to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency. Dirty filters make the system work harder. They clog the airflow, wasting energy and adding extra wear and tear on the motor, just to heat or cool the same volume of air. Even though changing filters with replacement filters isn’t fun, it’s an important part of routine home maintenance.

So get your replacement filters ready, and let’s get started.

Five Tips to Make Changing Filters with Replacement Filters Easier

    1. Schedule time: Put changing filters onto your calendar, or change them each month or two months depending on your needs. Putting a note on your calendar makes it seem more like an important appointment than a chore and reminds you to order replacement filters ahead of time.
    2. Use the wrappings to keep floor clean: Many replacement filters include a sheet of paper inside the bag of box. It’s usually printed with the manufacturer’s name and other information. You can place this on the floor under the filter screen to keep the floor clean as you open the screen door that holds the filter in place.
    3. Place dirty filters inside the bag immediately: Slide the dirty filter into the empty box or bag when you take the clean replacement filter out. Use the new filter’s packaging to discard the old. This prevents it from tracking dirt across your floor as you bring it to the trash to be discarded.
    4. Wear rubber gloves: If allergies bother you or dust irritates your skin, wear disposable, powder-free gloves, available from surgical supply stores. You can discard them after use. You can also wear rubber gloves, the kind used to keep hands dry during dirty chores around the house, and rinse them off after using them to change filters.
    5. Clean the air vents: Use the hose attachment on your vacuum and a clean dust rag to clear away dust from the air vents or grilles before inserting replacement filters. This helps keep the new filter cleaner longer, too, not to mention your home.

With just a few extra steps, you’ll avoid tracking dirt through your house and make adding replacement filters a lot easier.

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