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Is It Time to Replace Belts


Belts are often the last part you think of when you consider routine repair and maintenance on your vehicle or equipment. Yet if a belt breaks, watch out; the whole system breaks down. Don’t get stuck with a broken belt. Look (and listen) for these telltale signs that your belts need replacing.

Tips for Checking Belt Health

  • Get to know your belts. Learn what your equipment sounds like when it’s running smoothly and normally. Often, the first signs that something is starting to wear down is a subtle change in the sound of the engine. A change in rhythm or pitch may mean that the engine isn’t running at optimal power. Any noticeable changes are a sign to inspect the equipment further.
  • Visually inspect belts once a month. Check for signs of friction such as rough or smooth areas. Look for frayed or thin areas, too. These are all signs the belt needs replacing.
  • Listen for the telltale sounds of belts on their way out. Belts that are starting to slip often emit a telltale squeal. Depending on the type of belt and equipment you have, belts may make other sounds too, like a chirp, a thump or another sound.

If it’s time to replace the belts on your equipment, make sure you have the right size in stock and ready to go. It’s helpful to order several at once so that you’re never caught without. Ordering in bulk can also save you money.

Don’t let a slipping, worn or broken belt keep you from getting where you need to go or from fulfilling a manufacturing order. Twin City Filters stocks a wide selection of belts and has over 70 years of experiencing finding unique belts for a variety of needs. We serve customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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