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Is It Time to Get New Cottonwood Filters?

It’s that time of year – time for cottonwood filters. Every spring, as poplars bloom through the Midwest, the airborne seeds become a nuisance for rooftop mounted cooling towers. Wind blows seeds up into the cooling towers where the air intake ducts suck them into the system. Without cottonwood filters, you system can quickly get overwhelmed with excess debris.

Cottonwood filters protect against seeds, but they also protect against litter and leaves that get blown onto rooftops, too. All of these contaminants can rapidly clog up a clean filter and force your system to work harder, waste energy, and cool inefficiently. With cottonwood filters in place, all you need to do is brush off the filter and you’re set.

Before installing cottonwood filters in the spring, it’s smart to inspect them to make sure there aren’t any rips, tears, or holes that can leave gaps in protection. While durable, they aren’t hail guards. Years of exposure to sun, wind and weather may weaken the material. If there are any gaps or holes, it may be time to order new cottonwood filters for your system.

With cottonwood filters in place, you’re taking an important step to maintain your system. Better maintenance on your HVAC system may extends it life and improve energy usage. Check your cottonwood filters or install new ones now.

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