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Thing to Consider When Choosing Commercial Filters

When you’re choosing a commercial filter for a store, mall, or other commercial building, several factors come into play:

  • what is the space used for (a classroom at a university has different filtration needs from a gym, cafeteria or swimming pool)
  • the number of people working/moving through the space
  • desired/required air quality (does a tenant have allergies)


Each HVAC system has its own requirements, too. You will need to purchase a specific size filter (your system manual will specify the type of filter or range of MERV values that provide optimal performance).

Filter needs can also change over time, so it’s not always a great idea to simply keep buying what you’ve always used. A shopping mall, for instance, may have more people passing through it during the late fall when folks are doing their holiday shopping. You may want to check and/or change the commercial filters more frequently during this time period. Similarly, if part of the mall is closed off for renovations, the dust raised by construction projects can also change filtration needs.

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