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Smart Filters May Alert You When Replacement Filters Are Needed

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Replacement filters may be the latest item to join the “internet of things” (IoT), a term used to describe devices that connect wirelessly to the internet to send and receive data. Warehouses have started to use these remote sensors to detect low stock levels and even to help send raw materials to the right conveyor belts and receiving areas. It was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea to create “smart” filters that alert you when they need to be changed.

A company called Wynd Technologies has invented a sensor that, when plugged into an air purifier, alerts you when the surrounding air isn’t clean. Although not attached to the air filter per se, the sensor warns you when the filter isn’t doing its job and probably needs changing.

These little gadgets are meant for personal filters, but China is now exploring larger units that are “smart” enough to recognize when the air needs to be purified in buildings. Given China’s pollution problems, that probably means “frequently”, but it may also mean that the air purification systems activate during peak times and idle during off peak hours. This may mean cost savings and reduced energy usage.

Although it sounds a little science fiction-like to think about your filters deciding when they need to be changed, it’s no different than the indicator lights on your refrigerator that blink or turn red when the water filter needs to be changed, or the sensor in your car’s engine telling you when to change the oil or air filter. It’s just bringing the technology of the internet of things into the realm of the every day.

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