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The Right Cog Belt for the Job

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Cog belts transmit power efficiently through the use of ‘teeth’ that grip whatever cogged wheel they’re attached to. Popularly known in the automotive business, where the best known cog belts is the timing belt. There, a cogged belt is called for because it’s precise, durable, and works efficiently to keep an engine purring.

But what if the cog belt breaks? Stripped teeth can make the belt run loose, or slip during power transmission. A broken belt can cause the engine to seize and possibly damage the engine itself.

It pays to use high-quality cog belts!

There are many types of cog belts available today. Kevlar, the same material used to make bullet proof vests for soldiers and police, is an incredibly sturdy material that can take a lot of wear and tear. Other newer materials and composites can take intense heat and friction, and can be used in race-cars where heat can cause typical cog belts to break.

When you have the right cog belt for the job, you can be sure that your machine will run smoothly. It minimizes the risk to the engine and potential damage to the system. High quality cog belts are a worthwhile investment, no matter which machine your driving!

For more information on cog belts, or to talk to someone knowledgeable about the different cog belts available, stop by or call Twin City Filter Service.  Twin City Filter Service sells V-belt, cog belts and more, plus filter materials, pads, frames and custom filters are also available. Commercial air filters, bulk media, and other materials are available at our location or delivered upon request. We ship same day to customers coast to coast, and offer next day delivery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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