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What to Do When a Replacement Filter Is No Longer Available

Normally finding a replacement filter is easy, but what do you do when your particular filter is no longer manufactured? You can hoard filters in your storage area until you run out; but there are several steps to take when you get the bad news that your unit’s replacement filter is no longer made.

  • Call Twin City Filter to find the replacement: Often, we can find discontinued filters. If not, we will find a great filter to replace one that you like. Given our extensive network of suppliers, we can often find difficult to replace filters for all types of residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Consider upgrading equipment: Old, outmoded equipment may cost you more in the long run than changing it out for updated equipment. Newer units may be more energy efficient and meet modern codes better than older ones. If your filters are discontinued because the unit they fit is old or outmoded, and you know it’s time to change or upgrade your equipment, this may be your sign that it’s time to invest in new equipment.
  • Call Twin City Filter for custom filters: Depending on how much you’ve already invested in your equipment, you may choose to go the custom filter route. Custom filters can be any size, shape and fit your filtration requirements. So get the specs to us and we’ll work with you to develop a custom filter for your unit.

It’s usually a simple matter to find a replacement filter. But if the one you’ve always used and loved is discontinued, call Twin City Filter. We ship same day to customers coast to coast, and offer next day delivery to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at 612-721-2001.

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