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Should You Replace V Belts with Cog Belts?

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Cog belts can replace V belts in many types of equipment. Many people trust their V belt systems and wonder why they should switch.

V belt systems can run with about 95 to 98 percent efficiency at the time of installation. That number drops to about 93 percent over the life of the belt.

Cog belts, on the other hand, remain more efficient over time. Although their efficiency is on par with V belts at the time of installation, when compared to V belts after several months of use, they usually rate about 2 percent higher efficiency.

And so

  • cog belts may use less energy over time than V belts
  • cog belts may also extend the life of your equipment by helping it to run at peak efficiency

While every situation is different, this may be enough of an incentive to switch from V belts to cog belts.

Most standard equipment that runs with V belts can switch to using cog belts. They can run with the same pulleys as V belts with the same ratings. Check with your owner’s manual before switching over, but in general, you can use cog belts on any system that runs with V belts.

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