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Questions to Ask Belt Suppliers

Calling belt suppliers to find out the availability and price of replacement belts is something most people do when they need a replacement or new belt. But beyond asking “Do you have it?” and “How much is it”, there are a few other questions you can ask to ensure you get the most for your money.

Is this the right belt for my equipment?
Just getting the exact replacement belt for the one that’s worn or broken may not be the best thing for your equipment. What if someone in the months or years past made a mistake and put an inferior belt in the machine, or tried to save money by buying an inferior product? You may be putting a poor-quality belt into your equipment if you just reach for the same one over and over again. Talk to your belt suppliers and ask what options are available and what they recommend.

How long should this belt last?
Of course that answer will vary according to the belt, the frequency of use, and the equipment. Equipment used daily for many hours each day will put more stress, wear and tear on a belt than one used infrequently. However, a belt that seems to break easily or wear down quickly may be a sign that you or your mechanic isn’t putting the replacement on correctly. It may also be a sign of slippage. Checking on the expected average life of a belt can help you pinpoint potential problems. Remember, if the belts in your equipment are slipping, it may be putting excess pressure on other points of the system as well, causing unnecessary wear and tear on other parts of the engine or machine.

What is the normal shelf life of this belt?
According to a report published by SAI Global, a power transmission belt should last 8 years with proper storage. That means that a belt kept in its original packaging, away from heat, direct sunlight or extreme changes in humidity or temperature should retain its form and function for approximately 8 years. If you are buying belts in bulk, but don’t expect to you use all of them within a year or two, learn what the average shelf life is and mark it on the package. It will help you use up the older belts in your shop first.

Belt suppliers are experts in V-belts, power transmission belts and more. Twin City Filters stocks a wide selection of belts. We serve customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota and have been in business over 70 years. Twin City Filter may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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