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Properly Fitted Filter Frames Essential to Effective HVAC Systems

Properly fitted filter frames are an essential component for the efficient running of all HVAC systems. Using a filter that’s too big or a filter that’s too small each carries its own risks and problems. When filter frames don’t fit properly, bypass becomes a problem. Air will take the path of least resistance and more air will go around instead of through the filter. This allows unfiltered air, carrying particulate matter, to enter the facility and reduce the efficiency of the entire system. This in turn will, shorten the system’s life cycle, and cost money.

Filter Frames Too Big for the Opening

Filter frames that are too large for the opening on an HVAC system may not stay in place, and the cover may not fit properly over the filter if the system has one. Duct-taping them in place, using bricks to hold them in place and other emergency methods just won’t work.

Filter Frames Too Small for the Opening

In addition to not staying in place, filter frames that are too small for the opening allow too much air around the sides of the filter and into the system. The filter can’t do its job, and dust, debris and particles enter the unit, causing build-up on the duct work and inside the motor. Over time, this results in inefficiencies within the system and sometimes malfunctions.

Finding the Right Filter Frame

The easiest way to find the right replacement filter and filter frame is to take your current filter into a company like Twin City Filter. We can help you find a great replacement or even suggest alternatives to save time, money and energy.

We carry all types of filters and belts for industrial, commercial and residential needs. We serve customers coast to coast, with next day delivery to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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