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Prevent Problems with the Right HVAC Air Filters

Do your air conditioner evaporator coils keep freezing? There are two possible solutions to his problem, both involving HVAC air filters.

HVAC Air Filters and AC Unit Problems

First off, if your AC unit’s coils are freezing, you should of course have a qualified expert take a look at them. But what you can also do is check the HVAC air filters. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the system may not be getting the proper airflow across the coil, causing the coils to freeze.

The Right Filter Improves Efficiency

Second, if you purchase the wrong filter you can cause your system to work overtime. A filter with too high a pressure drop can also force the unit to work harder than it shoulder, causing icing on the evaporator coils.

An HVAC air filter that restricts airflow across the heat exchanger can also decrease the unit’s efficiency, increasing your energy bills. With the right filter, the proper amount of air flows throughout the system, resulting in maximum efficiency. So the highest efficiency filter is not necessarily “the best“ filter. Speak with the filter experts at Twin City Filter. You may be surprised to find that a less expensive filter is the most efficient for your system. Not only will you save money on the filter, but you’ll save wear and tear on your system, and possibly bring down your energy costs, too. It pays to consult with the experts!

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