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Possible Problems with HEPA Replacement Filters

You’ve just picked up a stack of HEPA replacement filters and you’ve returned to the job site. You unload the filters and get to work…only to find that the replacement filters are damaged. What happened?

According to the National Air Filtration Association, HEPA filters are more fragile than other types of filters.  Damage to HEPA filters can occur on the frames or on the filtration media itself. Some of the more common types of damage include:

  • Fractured or bent frames
  • Punctured filtration media
  • Damage to the integrity of the filter media

Twin City Filter Service inspects all filter shipments and sells only top-quality replacement filters. But once filters leave our warehouse, damages can occur. Some of the more common reasons for damage to HEPA filters are:

  • Filters being stored incorrectly: If filters aren’t stacked properly in storage, the frames can bend or crack.
  • Shipping problems:  Even if a carton is marked “Fragile”, shipping cartons can get bounced, dropped, or crushed in transit.
  • Storing or moving filters in truck beds or poorly padded cartons:  Filters that are tossed into the back of trucks or jumbled with tools and building supplies can be easily damaged by sharp objects as they shift around while the vehicle is in motion. Poorly padded shipping cartons can also be vulnerable to sharp objects puncturing the cartons and in turn, ruining the filtration media.

One less common problem that can cause damage to HEPA replacement filters is improper installation. If the filter doesn’t fit properly, don’t try to force it or jam it into the opening. If you’ve ordered the wrong size, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with replacement filters.

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