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Cartridge Filters for Industrial Air Filters

Cartridge filters for heavy-duty industrial air filters are one of our specialties at Twin City Filter Service. Cartridge filters for dust collectors and other industrial applications need to be able to withstand heavy use while still cleaning efficiently. We’ve found...

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Replacement Filters Available When You Need Them

Nothing is more frustrating than being on a job site and realizing you don’t have the right size or type of filter on hand to complete the job. When that happens, you want replacement filters - and you want them now. That’s why Twin City Filter Service stocks a wide...

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Commercial Air Filters and Bulk Media Filters

Sometimes stocking up on commercial air filters is a good idea. At Twin City Filter Service, we offer bulk media filters ranging from MERV 1 to MERV 9. Our commercial air filters and bulk media include: • Fiberglass media • Cotton/poly media • Custom cut pads • Rigid...

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Replacement Filters for Paint Filtration

When it comes to protecting your workers from paint spray fumes and particles, replacement filters are an integral part of workplace safety. A spray booth’s efficiency, as well as the quality of the finished product, is affected by both intake and exhaust filters....

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Custom Air Filters at Twin City Filter Service

Our customers count on Twin City Filter Service to create custom filters for many different types of equipment, projects and needs. And we create custom filters for both residential and commercial needs. Types of Custom Air Filters The most common types of custom air...

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Residential Filters and Allergies

High efficiency filters and even medium efficiency filters added to home HVAC systems can greatly help people who suffer from seasonal allergies, according to an article on Everyday Health. It may surprise you to learn that indoor air pollution is often greater than...

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