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Industrial Air Filters During Flu Season

Although cold and flu season seems far away, there are steps you can take to monitor your industrial air filters and systems now to prevent problems later. Colds, influenza and other viruses can be easily spread in commercial buildings where air tends to re-circulate...

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Belt Suppliers in the Midwest

Having a steady, reliable source of belts for your HVAC needs is critical to keeping your plant running smoothly. Sure, belt suppliers aren’t glamorous...but when you think about it, your company’s belt supplier is just as important as the company who delivers fuel...

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Where Are Cog Belts Used? Everywhere!

Just about anywhere you look, some kind of belt system is at work making life easier. Cog belts are special, precision belts. In fact, if you Google “define cog belt,” it will answer “a timing belt”. In some cases, health and safety depends upon it. For instance, cog...

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Cottonwood Filters Prevent HVAC Problems

Spring is in the air, and so are the cottonwood seeds; which means it’s time to talk about cottonwood filters. These filters are mounted on the exterior of your unit’s air intake, and screen out airborne debris. Yes, they do screen that pesky cottonwood fiber, but...

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