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Cleaning Grease Filters with Cleaning Tanks

Commercial food service establishments know that cleaning grease filters is important for health, safety, and longevity of exhaust fans and air systems. Grease filters can rapidly become clogged with particles, grease and oils. Cleaning tanks make some of the work...

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Great Selection Filter Frames and Accessories

Twin City Filter Service carries a great selection of filter frames and accessories. Your filter is only as good as its frame. Properly fitted filter frames ensure that air gets pulled through the filter, not around it. The filter can then work as intended and keep...

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Grease Filters Help with Fire Prevention

Did you know that clean, properly fitted grease filters can help prevent fires? Grease filters that aren’t up to the job for your restaurant or commercial kitchen fail to trap all the grease that’s in the air from cooking. Grease exits the system through gaps in the...

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Filter Frame Problems and Solutions

Filter frames can be made from many different materials. There are metal, plastic and other types of filter frames. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of performance and cost. But one thing is certain: when filter frames fit properly, the entire...

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Wide Selection of Commercial Filters

Twin City Filter Service offers one of the widest selections of commercial filters for all types of commercial buildings and operations. The Twin Cities area is home to many important business and manufacturing facilities. Each business needs specific commercial...

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Cog Belts “Driving” Growth?

Cog belts are common throughout many industries, but they’re really “driving” growth in one industry in particular: automotive. According to Market Watch, the market for automotive timing belts is expected to grow 4.3 percent from 2014 to 2019. That’s because the cog...

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Questions People Ask Belt Suppliers

As belt suppliers we often get questions from customers who need help choosing the right belt.  Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear include: Do you have this belt in stock? As belt suppliers to many commercial clients, Twin City Filter Service has many...

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