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How to Measure for Custom Air Filters

Whether you need a residential or commercial filter, sometimes the filter size you need is no longer made, or perhaps you have a unique manufacturing situation in which standard filters won’t provide enough filtration for the job. Then it’s time to consider ordering...

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Can Upgrading Commercial Filters Save Money?

It may seem improbable, but upgrading the type of commercial filters used in commercial buildings can, in the long run, save your company considerable money. One firm saved $17,000/year by changing air filters. The building itself is a large office tower with a marble...

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Industrial Air Filters and Mold

Industrial air filters encounter and contain all sorts of particles. But one they may inadvertently spread instead of contain is mold. Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in warm, humid conditions. Mold spores, on the other hand, can survive even dry conditions, and...

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Testing Fibrous High Efficiency Filters

Fibrous high efficiency filters offer the unique ability to trap both small and large-sized particles efficiently, while allowing mid-sized particles to pass through. In tests using aerosol disbursement, particles smaller than 0.1 µm and larger than 0.4 µm were...

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Commercial Filters and Disease

It is well known that commercial filters lower the risk of diseases to both animals and humans in industrial animal-growing industries. They can also lower the risk of airborne contaminants in any commercial environment when kept clean. Commercial filters should be...

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