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Not All HVAC Filters Are Created Equal

HVAC air filters prevent particles from entering the system and damaging sensitive parts. However, not all filters are created equal. Some offer additional benefits to air quality, while others can reduce your costs. HVAC filters can be separated into two categories: Disposable and Permanent.

Disposable HVAC Filters

As the name suggests, disposable filters are used one time and then disposed of in the trash. They can be made from a combination of a stiff cardboard or paper frame and spun polyester, pleated cotton or pleated paper. On the less expensive end of the spectrum are filters that keep dirt and lint from entering the HVAC system but do little to improve air quality inside the building. The more expensive disposable HVAC filters can also keep dust mites, spores and pollen from circulating in the air system.

Permanent HVAC Filters

Permanent filters can be used for several years, as long as they are cleaned and serviced regularly. Some use an electrostatic charge to trap particles. Others feature a pleated design, similar to a disposable pleated filter, for addition surface area to trap particles. While they’re initially expensive, the cost is amortized over the life of the filter.

Not all filters are created equal, and depending on the unit where the filter is to be placed, one or more types from among disposable or permanent filters may be appropriate. To find the best filter for the job, please call Twin City Filter. With 70 years of experience, we can find the right replacement filter quickly. We serve customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at (612) 721-4000 and we serve customers

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