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Nanotechnology Meets Industrial Air Filters

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but industrial air filters are now incorporating nanotechnology for improved performance. Nanotechnology adjusts and manipulates matter at the near-atomic level, and it’s being explored for use in science, technology and medicine. On the technological front, nanotechnology has created better filtration by improving the materials used in industrial air filters.

A special process spins very thin fibers of filtration material, which are then woven into a complex web. These nanotechnology-created webs form a very fine layer, and when overlaid with another web-like layer, make an extremely tight filtration material that can collect very, very small particles. Newly developed nanofiber spinning technology eliminates the solvents used in the older electrostatic fiber spinning process, creating an even better product to make filter materials.

Industrial air filters made with nanofibers offer several benefits. They tend to have a higher initial efficiency than filters made from other fibers.  There’s a lower pressure drop across the system when nanofiber filters are used. They last longer than many other types of filters, and they can be used in custom applications, conforming to custom shapes better than older types of filtration material.  They’re also very lightweight, making them a good choice for large industrial air filters; the lighter weight makes them easier to service, maintain and change. The only drawback to nanofiber industrial air filters is the cost; they can be more expensive than other types of filters.

While nanofiber technology has been used to create filter materials for a number of years, innovations in the field of spinning nanofibers and creating filter materials have made these types of filters even better. If you’re looking for a lightweight, efficient material for industrial air filters, nanofiber filters may be a great choice.

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