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Industrial Filters Keep Indoor Air Quality Healthy


It’s funny how one simple change, like changing out your industrial filters, can impact so many things. Take your company’s productivity, for example. Indoor air quality greatly affects worker productivity and health. If your industrial filters aren’t changed often enough, or you use a poor-quality filter that doesn’t do its job, indoor air quality suffers, costing you in lower productivity and lost opportunity.

In sealed buildings, indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air quality simply because the air doesn’t circulate. Such an environment depends heavily on industrial filters that remove molds, viruses and other airborne particles so that they don’t spread and make people sick.

Dust, smoke and pollen require different filters. So do special situations, such as manufacturing plants, engine testing facilities and more.

At Twin City Filter Service, we’ve worked with manufacturers, business owners, building maintenance managers and others to keep their buildings’ indoor air quality healthy and comfortable. The right industrial filters can make all the difference in the health and productivity of everyone who visits and works in your buildings. If you’re looking for some help choosing the best industrial filters, stop by Twin City Filter Service. We can help you choose from among our many in-stock filters, create custom filters if you need them, or find the best products for your needs. We’re here to help, and industrial filters are one of our specialties.

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