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Industrial Air Filters and Mold

Industrial air filters encounter and contain all sorts of particles. But one they may inadvertently spread instead of contain is mold.

Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in warm, humid conditions. Mold spores, on the other hand, can survive even dry conditions, and grow when they find the right conditions. Most molds are harmless, but some can foster health problems. Asthmatics, the elderly and children are especially vulnerable, but otherwise healthy workers could be effected as well. Therefore, mold on industrial air filters may signify a significant problem that requires immediate attention.

When Industrial Air Filters Develop Mold
Mold, mildew, algae and fungi growing on an industrial air filter typically means one thing: too much moisture in the system. Dehumidifiers added to the system can reduce the amount of circulating moisture and “starve” microbial growth.

Any filters already showing signs of mold, mildew or algae should immediately be replaced. Manufacturers are making industrial filters that have mold-spore inhibiting chemicals added to the fibers. These products help keep mold in check and may be useful for industrial applications in which steam and humidity are common.

What does mold look like?
Unfortunately mold can be gray, black, brown or even green. It could look likethe mold you may have seen pictures of, growing in a basement or in the grout among the tiles on a shower. Or, what you’re looking at might not be mold. Other types of microbes can grow on filter materials, too. Algae may grow on filters subjected to direct moisture. Algae can be pink, red, green or brown. Other contaminants leave telltale signs.

Anything other than the expected dirt on a filter should be investigated thoroughly. If it’s mold or algae you want to get it out before it spreads throughout your system.
If you find mold, mildew or algae frequently on your industrial air filters, it may be time to switch filter materials. The team at Twin City Filter Service can help you choose new filter materials to combat mold growth. We have decades of experience helping customers choose filters and belts for their manufacturing, industrial, and other needs. We serve customers coast to coast, and in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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