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Industrial Air Filters for Effective Mist Collection


Industrial air filters have a wide range of applications. Take the case of the automotive manufacturer that found their current air filters weren’t filtering petroleum-based mist-born particles effectively. The resulting air contained too many contaminants for worker safety, as well as too many contaminants to keep the equipment running smoothly. The manufacturer found they could only get one or two runs out of the equipment before they had to change their industrial air filters. They feared they wouldn’t be able to continue making automotive parts because of all the hazards and problems they were encountering. Something had to be done.

The solution wasn’t just changing one filter, but adding a new system with multiple filters to filter the oily mist from the air. The new system cleared the problem. The factory could continue running at peak efficiency and protect their employees’ health. It was a win-win.

Choosing industrial air filters for effective mist collection takes time and research. You may want us to refer you to one of our experts for your industry, or we could refer you to health and safety experts as well. We will do everything possible to make sure that your mist collection system is keeping the air scrubbed and clean.

Here at Twin City Filter Service, we’ve seen many situations similar to the one described above. We’ve been able to help many businesses in a wide range of industries improve their air quality and keep their systems online by choosing the right filter for the job.

If you’re not sure which filter to choose, or you’re experiencing a problem with your current system, give us a call. We’re happy to help. The experts at Twin City Filter Service have decades of experience helping customers choose filters and belts for their manufacturing, industrial, and other needs. We serve customers coast to coast and offer next day delivery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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