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The Importance of Replacement Filters for School Ventilation Systems

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Never underestimate the importance of good replacement filters in a school ventilation system. Over 53 million children and 6 million teachers, administrators and other adults spending 6+ hours each day inside a school building nationwide, choosing the right replacement filters to improve air quality means a great deal to the health and wellness of a large majority of people.

Let’s face it: kids are a breeding ground for germs. Their immature immune systems mean that they’re prone to every cold, flu, and stomach bug on the planet. Adults working with kids tend to catch whatever germ is going around and spread it to their families. The recent trend towards completely climate-controlled buildings with sealed windows also increases the odds of people getting sick. Climate controlled buildings are intended to help reduce the $6 billion spent on energy to heat and cool these buildings.

The right replacement filters in school buildings can help with so many issues. Using higher-MERV rated replacement filters instead of the typical MERV 1- 4 filters used in schools can improve indoor air quality. MERV 1-4 filters may be the minimum required in school buildings, but they aren’t adequate to the dense population of children inside the building. Higher MERV-rated filters can remove tiny virus particles from the air, reducing the chance of germs spreading through the building.

Changing filters or cleaning existing filters also improves energy efficiency. The cleaner the filter, the less work the motor in the HVAC system must do to maintain air pressure across the system. Clean filters help your system run more efficiently and use less energy.

Replacement filters in large institutions such as school can do quite a lot to improve indoor air quality and the health of the people within. Ask the experts at Twin City Filter Service today what they recommend for your replacement filters to improve air quality.

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