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How Do You Know When Cog Belts Need Replacing?


Cog belts for automotive or industrial use must be kept in good repair for optimal performance.  Worn cog belts are not only dangerous, they can be costly. If a cog belt snaps, damage can occur to other parts in the system.

So how do you know when cog belts need replacing? Use these tips to assess your current cog belts:

  • Power loss: Anytime a belt slips, it’s not working efficiently. When cog belts slip, there’s a noticeable hesitation in the system. The machinery cannot maintain maximum speed or increase speed.  
  • Worn areas on the belt: A visual inspect of the cog belts may reveal worn areas where the belt isn’t wearing evenly. This may indicate slippage or a belt that’s becoming loose, and moving unevenly across the system.
  • Missing cogs or teeth: Missing cogs or “teeth” from cog belts prevent them from gripping the gears as they channel power over the machinery. This can cause gaps, slipping or power loss.

At Twin City Filter Service, we stock cog belts in a variety of sizes. If we do not stock what you need, we can order it in quickly, often the same day. You can also bring your old belt in to match it to our stock; or call us for help measuring and identifying your current cog belt. We’re here to help.

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