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What Is a High Efficiency Filter?

You’ve probably seen packages marked “high efficiency filter.” But what is a high efficiency filter? Do you need one? Is it any better than other filters?

High efficiency filters are MERV 11-16, and are designed to remove particulates from 65% up to HEPA efficiencies. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) filters remove airborne particles at efficiencies of 99.97% and above. High efficiency filters may be required by law in certain settings, such as hospitals, airplanes, nursing homes and other facilities where airborne particles can make people sick quickly. They may be used in homes or commercial buildings simply to keep occupants comfortable; they can remove pollen, dust mites and other particles that make allergies, asthma and other breathing difficulties worse.

Uses for High Efficiency Filters

Different filters may be used in separate areas of a commercial building, depending on the filtration needs. A “big box” store might have a MERV 11 for the whole store, but add a MERV 14 or 15 in their food court. Unless legally mandated, it’s a matter of preference. A hospital may well adapt operating procedures that mandate Zero to HEPA, depending on the area of use. Since each filter performs at a different level, areas requiring higher filtration for health, safety or legal compliance may use higher MERV rating filters than other areas.

Not All High Efficiency Filters Are Created Equal

Although you’d think that high efficiency filters would be relatively the same no matter what the brand, in our experience, we’ve found that there can be great variances among the different filter manufacturers. A MERV 10 from one manufacturer may have completely different capabilities than a MERV filter from another. We can help you sort through the different filters, and choose the best one for your needs.

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