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Great Reasons to Use Baffle Grease Filters

Kitchen grease fires are almost inevitable. The reason d’être for Baffle Grease Filters is to prevent kitchen grease fires from “going up the stack.” That means they help prevent grease fires from burning down the building. Flames can go right through a mesh filter, which could allow the chimney, roof or upper floors to catch fire. In fact, it’s code in most cities that mesh filters have to be replaced with baffle filters.

The other reason to use baffle grease filters instead of mesh filters is that they’re easier to clean! Many metal baffle grease filters can be removed and run through a commercial dishwasher to clean them. Instead of soaking them overnight, you can run them through the dishwasher at the end of day before closing, so that you’ve got clean filters to start with the next day.

With so much going for them, why aren’t all commercial kitchens outfitted with baffle grease filters, especially when they cost about the same? Because sometimes people just go with what they know. If they’re used to mesh grease filters, they might stick with them even when there’s a better product available.

If you’d like more information on baffle grease filters or on changing from mesh to baffles, call or visit Twin City Filter Service. Twin City Filter Service stocks a wide selection of commercial filters and has over 70 years of experience with all types of filters. We ship same day to customers coast to coast, and offer next day delivery to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at 612-721-2001.

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