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Filter Frame Problems and Solutions

Filter Frame 4590 1x1 wire

Filter frames can be made from many different materials. There are metal, plastic and other types of filter frames. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of performance and cost. But one thing is certain: when filter frames fit properly, the entire system benefits.

Poorly-fitted filter frames allow air to pass through gaps between the frame and the opening. The HVAC system’s motor and blower may be affected. Dust, dirt and debris can also pass through the system and into the motor, causing build up and poor performance.

Air quality is directly affected by air passing through the intake without moving through the filter. The purpose of a filter is to prevent particles from entering the system. On an HVAC system, filters screen out dust, dirt, mold, pollen and many other airborne pollutants. When there’s a gap between the filter frames and the opening, some airborne debris passes right through, bypassing the filter itself. This negates the purpose of a filter and decreases air quality.

To make sure your filter frames fit properly, always order replacement filters in the same size as the originals that fit the system. If you aren’t sure about the filter size, bring it into Twin City Filter Service, and Matt and the team will check it for you and help you choose the right size. Custom filters are also an option if you still have issues with filter frames not fitting properly into the openings.

At Twin City Filter Service, we are experts at making sure filter frames fit your system and your needs. Whether you need filters for HVAC systems, industrial or commercial use, we are the best filter source in the Twin Cities area.

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