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Fabrics Used in Industrial Filters

Fabric filters are often used in industrial filters. Common applications include industrial filters for coal-fired boilers and energy generation plants; incinerators and waste disposal plants; pharmaceutical manufacturing; steel, cement and metal fabrication plants; and even in food manufacturing. In fact, fabric filters are considered to be one of the best types of filters for very tiny particles. Fabric filters achieve 99 to 99.9 percent efficiencies for particle sizes ranging from hundreds of micrometers to sub micrometer size.

Industrial Filters: Fabric Filters and Their Applications
One company that designs and manufactures large industrial filters, lists three common types of fabric baghouses and their applications:

  • Shaker: Used for screening and crushing materials. Often found in mining, textiles, metal working and woodworking plants, as well as in food manufacturing, chemicals and coal-fired boilers.
  • Reverse-air: Industrial applications include kilns of various kinds, such as lime kilns and cement kilns, where hot air from the kiln carriers airborne particles. Other types of smelters and furnaces may also use reverse-air baghouses.
  • Pulse-jet: These are frequently found in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in woodworking, foundries, textile plants, and food manufacturing plants of various types.

Common Fabrics Used in Industrial Filters
Each fabric possesses unique filtration qualities, and these can be impacted by how the fabric is made or woven, how it is placed inside the filter frame, and other considerations. Common fabrics used in industrial filters include:

  • Orlon
  • Polyester
  • Glass – felt, teflon, other
  • Dacron
  • Gore-Tex

Certain fabrics also have greater heat-resistance than others, a must in high-heat applications such as incinerators and boilers, where hot air blowing across the filter fabric places a great deal of stress on the material.

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