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Cottonwood Filters Used to Reduce Snow Build Up in an Ingenious Solution

Filter Frame 4590 1x1 wire

Cottonwood filters are normally used to reduce cottonwood seeds and other wind-blown debris from entering rooftop HVAC systems. One university, however, came up with a clever solution to snow build up using cottonwood filters.

This university’s biomedical building was plagued with snow and ice built up on the HVAC system during the wintertime. Snow and ice blew in through louvered, and the weight actually collapsed the first line of MERV 10 filters, leaving the MERV 15 ones exposed. Because of the ice and snow conditions, it wasn’t easy for building maintenance’s workers to climb up onto the roof to fix them, and indeed during the winter months it could be quite dangerous.

The crew came up with an ingenious solution. They worked with the filter company to create a filter frame that would fit inside the louvers.  The new frames were accessible from inside the unit so that the workers didn’t have to climb out onto an icy roof to change them. Cottonwood filters were then slipped into the frames, providing an effective and efficient barrier against snow and ice buildup.

Another benefit from the cottonwood filters is keeping cottonwood pollen, seeds and other plant material out of the HVAC system. The university is located along a river, and the local vegetable wreaked havoc on their filters. Once they used their new cottonwood filter system, not only did they save their MERV 10 filters from collapsing under the weight of snow and ice in the winter, they also saved on replacement filters by changing filters less frequently in the spring. The cottonwood filters kept other filters cleaner.

It’s just one example of how the right filter, in the right place, can save you time, money and headaches. If you’d like to find a filter-based solution for some of your HVAC system needs, we can help.

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