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Cottonwood Filters Reduce Maintenance on Cooling Equipment

Industrial Filter 4632 Magna

Did you know that adding cottonwood filters to your cooling towers can reduce maintenance time?

Think about all the routine maintenance you and your crew perform on the cooling towers on top of the building. Cleaning the inside of cooling towers is a messy job, but it’s an annual necessity. No one wants to be on top of a building with buckets, hoses, solvents and other tools of the trade scrubbing out and around your equipment. But when cottonwood season starts, it gets worse.

Cottonwood filters can reduce the dirt that gets drawn into cooling towards, especially the seeds of the cottonwood poplar tree. From May through August, the seeds of this common tree fly through the air. Winds whirl them up to the top of buildings where the air intake vents can draw them right into the cooling towers.

Of course, cottonwood season is also prime time for using your cooling equipment, which just compounds the problem. Without cottonwood filters, you’ll end up back on top of the building in the blazing July sun pulling junk out of the cooling tower vents. Not fun.

Cottonwood filters are inexpensive compared to the time and labor costs of cleaning your system several times throughout the season. By keeping your HVAC system clean, they also reduce energy costs since the motors on the HVAC system doesn’t have to work quite as hard to pull air into the system.

At Twin City Filter Service, we stock many sizes and types of cottonwood filters. So as cottonwood season begins, call Twin City Filter for all your cottonwood filter needs. You’ll thank us later when you don’t have to go out onto that rooftop in July!

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