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Are Cottonwood Filters Good for More Than Just Screening Cottonwood?

Cottonwood filters are a must throughout much of middle America. As poplar trees throughout the area bloom, the airborne seed pods (called “cottonwood”) float through the air. Winds whip them up to the tops of buildings where heating and cooling ducts draw air into the system. Without cottonwood filters, much of that debris would get drawn directly into the towers and clog the motors and other valuable components of HVAC systems.

Cottonwood filters are special screens installed over the cooling towers and on other HVAC systems to prevent the cottonwood fibers from damaging the system. But they also screen out other harmful materials, and really help keep cooling towards clean. Cooling tower maintenance is one of the worst jobs on the list of any maintenance crew. The heat on top of buildings, combined with handling power washers and soap to rinse away debris from the system, can make it a miserable job.

Fortunately, with cottonwood filters in place, anything else flying up to the HVAC system in the spring wind is also trapped by the filter. That includes other leaves and seed pods, of course, but it can also include candy wrappers, leaves, dirt – you name it. Otherwise if the wind can grab it and fling it into the cooling towers, it will.

With cottonwood screens in place, you can keep cooling towers cleaner, longer, and reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the filters. That’s good news for anyone, but especially for building maintenance crews!

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