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The Correct Baffle Grease Filter Is Essential to a Commercial Kitchen

Here’s a question about baffle grease filters that we thought worthwhile sharing with you: “Why are my filters being sucked up into the hood?”

The person who asked this question runs a commercial kitchen and recently replaced the baffle grease filters. When he ran the exhaust fan, the filters were actually sucked up and into the hood. They weren’t working properly. Grease started to coat the kitchen surfaces, and no doubt it was also coating the inside of the ductwork in the exhaust system, too, which can cause a fire.

There are several reasons why baffle grease filters might be pulled out-of-place. If you recently changed your filter brand or type, the new filter might weigh less than the old one. While this might not seem like a big deal, the pressure exerted on the new filter may be just enough to pull it up and into the hood.

Motors come in different speeds, too. But if you don’t have a new motor, and this is a new problem, have your electrician check the wiring on your commercial kitchen fan motor. It could be a dangerous issue. In either case, the fan is exerting too much pressure on the system – it should never by drawing the filters up into the hood.

A properly fitted baffle grease filter is essential to keeping your commercial kitchen clean and safe. Grease build up inside the ducts and fans can be a fire hazard; grease on food preparation surfaces breed bacteria, which in turn creates health hazards; and your workers don’t want to come home smelling like grease every night, as grease-laden air clings to their clothes.

If you ever experience your filter being drawn into the hood, call us. We’ll install the right filter, right count, right size, right away. Get your system working right!

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