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Considerations When Choosing Industrial Filters

When you’re choosing industrial air filters, there are several considerations to take into account. These include resistance, capacity and efficiency.

Air Resistance and Motor Efficiency

Anything that gets in the way of air flow, even something beneficial like industrial air filters, creates resistance. HVAC systems are created to accommodate a certain amount of resistance. Anything greater than the amount the system is designed to handle can strain the motor, eventually causing it to fail. It’s important to make sure that your system can handle the resistance created by the air filter you’ve chosen.

Capacity to Hold Particles

Capacity refers to how much particulate matter the air filter can hold. Depending on the materials used and the filter construction, some hold more than others. Quite often, the difference between a commercial and industrial filter is capacity: a filter in a foundry requires greater capacity than a similar sized office building. Either of these will likely encounter more airborne particles than a home filter.

Filter Efficiency

Filter Efficiency refers to how well the filter captures particles from the air. Ironically, when filters are new, they are the least efficient; but as time goes by, they become more and more efficient – to a point. When it gets too clogged, it costs more to operate than buying a new one.

Find the Right Industrial Air Filter

Capacity is the amount of particulates a filter can hold. Efficiency is what size and how much particulates they capture. If you need to capture dust, pollen and mold, you need different efficiency and capacity than if you need to capture plastic or cement dust, paint particles, glass particles or other materials. Call Twin City Filter Service if you need help making sure that the industrial air filter you’ve chosen is suited to the material it must filter out.

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