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Consider Replacement Filters When Choosing HVAC Systems

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When you’re choosing an HVAC system, consider the cost of replacement filters and factor them into your purchasing decision.

This may sound absolutely ridiculous to some. You’re going to spend thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars on a commercial installation. Why consider the cost of replacement filters?

Think about your office or home computer printer for a minute. It was probably inexpensive, right? Most companies today offer printers for under $100 or $200 compared to hundreds of dollars years ago. This low price, however, comes at a cost: the cost of ink or toner. You’ll end up spending more with a cheap printer that eats up toner than you would with a printer that’s miserly with its toner.

Now extend that idea to your replacement filters. If you choose a system that seems to use up replacement filters faster than you can install them, won’t it cost you more in the long run than a  system that doesn’t use replacement filters quickly?

If you’re ever in a position to change your HVAC system, keep this tip in mind!

Also, if you seem to be  going through replacement filters more quickly than usual, have your system checked. This is especially important in residences where you may not have your HVAC system serviced or maintained as frequently as commercial buildings or applications do. If your filter clogs quickly, you may be using the wrong filter, or something may be off in the system. You may want to get it checked out or talk to the guys at Twin City Filter Service for other filter options for your system.

Twin City Filter Service offers a wide range of filter materials, pads, frames and more. Custom filters are also available. Commercial air filters, bulk media, and other materials are available at our location or upon request. We ship same day to customers coast to coast, and offer next day delivery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter Service may be reached at (612) 721-4000

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