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Commercial Air Filters

Commercial air filters are used in a variety of settings ranging from places where large numbers of people are present, such as hotels, shopping malls, and even non-critical areas in hospitals. Commercial air filters can be purchased ready-made or custom made to the specific size and specifications needed. Filters generally fall into the following categories:

  • Polyester and pleated filters: Similar to the fiberglass filters used by many homeowners, pleated and polyester filters are used in homes and commercial applications. They can better collect particulate than simple fiberglass filters.
  • Washable air filters: Although not as common as disposable filters, washable filters have a place in industrial settings. They’re often used when coarse dust builds up frequently. Some companies use commercial cleaning services to clean filters while others do it on site. Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications to adequately clean washable air filters.
  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters: HEPA filters filter are often used in clean rooms and hospitals because they can filter out very fine particles.


Selecting the right filter begins by assessing the filter type needed to meet requirements, then choosing the right size to maximize airflow. Once you’ve found the right type of filter, your commercial air filter supplier can help you find the best ones for the job and save money on your purchase.

Don’t forget to let your filter supplier know if you need accessories, too, such as clips. It’s a pain in the neck to be in the middle of changing filters only to realize you’ve broken a clip or dropped one and can’t find it. Buy the accessories when you buy the filters to save time.

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