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Cleaning Grease Filters

Commercial kitchens and restaurants rely on baffle grease filters to prevent fires. But if the filter gets clogged, it restricts the air-flow, and it may even become a fire hazard.

Grease filters and catch basins are usually made so that they can be cleaned regularly rather than replaced. That makes sense, because kitchens need to keep their equipment scrupulously clean and hygienic, and if you had to replace the filter each time you needed to clean it, the costs would add up fast.

Pubs, bars and coffee shops don’t generate as much grease, while commercial food preparation areas or industrial food prep areas have filters that see a heavy amount of use. The frequency with which you clean your filters depends on the use. In general, if it looks dirty, it’s time to clean it.

If you’re going to clean your own filters, you should consult the manufacturer or maintenance company for recommendations on how to clean the filters, catchment units and hoods for your equipment. If you clean your own filters, you probably won’t remove 100% of the grease. If you hire us, they’ll be virtually 100% grease-free.

Tips for Cleaning Filters

The following general tips can help you keep your businesses’ permanent grease filters clean and in proper working order:

  • Schedule routine cleaning chores based on the filter maker’s recommendations and adjusted for individual use. Obviously, the more you use it, the more frequently you should clean it.
  • Create a written task list to train employees on the proper method to clean the filters. New employees should be trained under the watchful eye of a senior person who has already performed the task. This is both for their safety and to ensure the work is done properly.
  • Make sure that employees use safety equipment when handling filters. They should wear heavy rubber gloves to protect their hands from sharp frame edges, for example, and from grease-cutting soaps that can be quite harsh.
  • Ensure that once filters are cleaned and dried, they are put back into place properly.
  • Keep the manual for the unit or the instructions handy when cleaning the filters. It’s helpful to have a diagram of how the filter fits into place if there’s a chance employees may put it back incorrectly.

With proper care and maintenance, grease filters can last a long time.

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