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Can Upgrading Commercial Filters Save Money?

It may seem improbable, but upgrading the type of commercial filters used in commercial buildings can, in the long run, save your company considerable money. One firm saved $17,000/year by changing air filters.

The building itself is a large office tower with a marble lobby and nearly 250,000 square feet of office space. Two large HVAC units run 12 hours per day to keep the air inside the building clean and comfortable for tenants and visitors. Tests on the building’s current filters revealed that the MERV-11 rated filters the company was using were actually performing at a MERV-7 level. By changing the types of filters used in the system, they were able to bring the entire system’s efficiency up to the appropriate level. After three months, tests indicated that the system was now performing at peak efficiency. By simply changing the filters in the system to a different filtration medium and improving the system’s overall efficiency, the company was able to save about $17,000 in energy costs.

Ask Twin City Filter Service to test and update your commercial filters the next time you need to clean or change them. We can measure your system’s current performance, and work with you to see if another type of filter can improve the efficiency of your system. Not only will it make your tenants happier and healthier, better commercial filters may make your wallet happier and healthier, too!

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