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Benefits of Using Cog Belts

The U.S. Department of Energy states that cog belt systems are 98% efficient, as compared to a 95% efficiency rating for V belts. That may not sound like much, but over time, incremental improvements in efficiency can save energy costs and more. There are several...

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Learn How to Measure a V-Belt

So you've got to replace a V-belt, but you're not sure what size you need? You can measure the current V-belt for an approximate size by using these step by step instructions. You'll need a cloth measuring tape, or a piece of string and a yardstick. You'll also need a...

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Questions to Ask Belt Suppliers

Calling belt suppliers to find out the availability and price of replacement belts is something most people do when they need a replacement or new belt. But beyond asking "Do you have it?" and "How much is it", there are a few other questions you can ask to ensure you...

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Is It Time to Replace Belts

Belts are often the last part you think of when you consider routine repair and maintenance on your vehicle or equipment. Yet if a belt breaks, watch out; the whole system breaks down. Don't get stuck with a broken belt. Look (and listen) for these telltale signs that...

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What to Know Before You Call Belt Suppliers

Although belt suppliers may tell you differently, not all belts are equal. Before calling belt suppliers about replacements, consider the following. Where were their belts made? American-made rubber belts, especially V-belts for industry, manufacturing and automotive...

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Not All HVAC Filters Are Created Equal

HVAC air filters prevent particles from entering the system and damaging sensitive parts. However, not all filters are created equal. Some offer additional benefits to air quality, while others can reduce your costs. HVAC filters can be separated into two categories:...

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