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Baffle Grease Filters Reduce Fire Risk in Commercial Kitchens

Baffle grease filters, when properly fitted and maintained, helps prevent grease fires in commercial kitchens from spreading to the roof.

In commercial kitchens, fans draw air up and away from cooking surfaces. That air is laden with tiny grease particles, which baffle grease filters catch. Without baffle grease filters, grease passes directly into the ductwork and deposits begin to accumulate, especially near corners, turns and joints – at any uneven surface. If a flash fire occurs, and flash fires occur in even the most careful restaurants, no one wants grease deposits in the airshafts directly over the stove. If present, grease provides fuel for the fire, and the chimney-like updraft of the ductwork could spread the fire to the roof, with potentially catastrophic results! So the baffle grease filter is the first line of defense against a flash fire spreading.

Clogged or dirty baffle grease filters present their own fire hazards.

Reduce Fire Risk by Changing or Cleaning Baffle Grease Filters

The key to reducing the risk of a grease fire is to change or clean those filters frequently. You can clean it nightly using your dishwasher. After a while, aluminum baffle grease filters may not come entirely clean. When the pores begin to clog, it’s time to replace the entire filter. With stainless or galvanized filters, a professional cleaner, like TCFS, can get these filters almost completely clean.

Additionally, take time to inspect the ductwork over your cooking surface and have them professionally cleaned if you notice dirt or grease building up in any areas. You may also want to have your motor and fan blades inspected, since grease can collect on these surfaces, making the system less efficient over time.

When you’re ready to replace your baffle grease filters, or you’re changing over to these filters in an older system, call the professionals at Twin City Filter. We serve customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Twin City Filter may be reached at (612) 721-4000.

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