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Air filters

Cottonwood Filters Prevent HVAC Problems

Spring is in the air, and so are the cottonwood seeds; which means it’s time to talk about cottonwood filters. These filters are mounted on the exterior of your unit’s air intake, and screen out airborne debris. Yes, they do screen that pesky cottonwood fiber, but...

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Replacement Filters Available When You Need Them

Nothing is more frustrating than being on a job site and realizing you don’t have the right size or type of filter on hand to complete the job. When that happens, you want replacement filters - and you want them now. That’s why Twin City Filter Service stocks a wide...

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Custom Air Filters from Twin City Filter Service

One of specialties at Twin City Filter Service is creating custom air filters. We create custom air filters on-site at Twin City Filter Service (depending on the type of filter you need and the quantity). For in-town customers, we can work on them while you wait, or...

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Commercial Air Filters and Bulk Media Filters

Sometimes stocking up on commercial air filters is a good idea. At Twin City Filter Service, we offer bulk media filters ranging from MERV 1 to MERV 9. Our commercial air filters and bulk media include: • Fiberglass media • Cotton/poly media • Custom cut pads • Rigid...

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About Us

For over 70 years Twin City Filter has been a family business providing both filter service and filter sales. We began serving the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area and grew into a coast to coast, border to border business.

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We provide filters, custom filters and service to contractors, office complexes, condos, business parks, colleges, and other industrial, commercial and residential developments.