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Air filters

How Air Filters Work

Air filters are probably just one of those things you take for granted. It’s a piece of equipment that you change or clean regularly, and that’s it, right? But have you ever given thought to exactly how air filters work? An air filter is a dirt trap. Floating through...

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Is It Time to Replace the Industrial Air Filters?

Is it time to replace the industrial air filters at your business?  Several factors determine when industrial air filters should be replaced. Where the unit is located can greatly influence how often you have to change out the filters. Humidity, environmental factors,...

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Purchase Industrial Filters in Bulk

Some manufacturing plants have massive filtration systems, and that’s when purchasing industrial filters in bulk makes sense. These systems often include dozens of filters at different points in the system. Many of these filters must be changed weekly to ensure...

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Intake Filters and Industrial Filters

Intake filters, as the name implies, filter the air brought in from outside a facility. Depending on the size of the facility and the local environment, this can mean anything from filtering Cottonwood seeds to airborne fertilizers to bacteria. Industrial Filters, as...

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Industrial Air Filters During Flu Season

Although cold and flu season seems far away, there are steps you can take to monitor your industrial air filters and systems now to prevent problems later. Colds, influenza and other viruses can be easily spread in commercial buildings where air tends to re-circulate...

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