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What to Look for in Filter Frames

There are three things that good-quality filter frames have in common. Look for filters in frames that offer: Easy installation Leak prevention Durability A filter is only as good as its frame. Frames aren't just to hold filtration material in place. The right frame...

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The True Cost Savings of Commercial Filters

While it can seem like an unnecessary expense to replace or clean commercial filters at regular intervals, the true cost savings of your commercial filters outweighs the investment in new ones. How so? Consider the following: Prevents damage: Commercial filters keep...

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Saving Money on Commercial Filters

Businesses are always looking to save money, and companies using commercial filters often look at ways to shave a few dollars off their filter costs to improve their bottom line. There are a few ways you can do this: Work with a well-established supplier of commercial...

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Air Filters to Protect Sensitive Equipment

One of the most common misconceptions about air filters is that they're intended to improve air quality. They can, but most air filters are used to screen particles out of the air before they enter equipment. Particles such as dust and lint can damage sensitive...

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Invest in Quality Industrial Air Filters

Industrial air filters must perform well under difficult conditions. Unlike an office building, shopping mall or another commercial environment where the temperature and humidity remain fairly constant, industrial air filters must withstand greater temperature...

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Choosing the Best Filter Frames

Why are some filter frames plastic while others are metal? It depends on the application. Plastic is lighter, flexible, works well in high moisture, but limits the media that can be used (you can’t use glass media in plastic frames). Also, plastic frames require media...

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